Our English Cream Golden Retrievers: Gus and Winston

Last year, we lost a little St. Bernard puppy name Olympus 10 days after we got him – to the Parvo Virus.

He died right in front of me. I was heart broken.

I wrote about Oly in a Podcast called Puppy Love, you can find it here.

But, today isn’t for sad stories.

Today I want to introduce you to our 2 English Cream Golden Retrievers: Gus and Winston.

They have been healing, joy-producing and given us great belly laughs. It’s well documented and known, but let me add my voice to those who speak of the healing power of pets.

We love them.

They love us.

Like having our 5 children, it is hard to imagine life without them. I am going to tell you about them from time to time. They crack us up. Maybe they will crack you up too.

Should you be interested, you can follow their pictures on Instagram here.