El Chapo The Turtle

Chapter 1

Although I have this discipline to wait, I am not a patient man by native disposition.

And yet, we have a tortoise that will grow slowly. A turtle whose life span will extend perhaps 100 years past my own.

He is known as El Chapo the Turtle and though he be small, he is mighty.

On Sundays I will tell you the tales of his past that may or may not be fictional. The Modern Revolution is committed to changing the way we take care of our bodies and each other. And though food is the foundation of our conversation here, exercising creative muscles is a strong part of bring vibrancy to your mind and your life.

El Chapo and an unnamed woman.


As you can see from the picture, El Chapo does not limit his dreams. As unlikely as it might seem, he never thought such a beautiful woman could refuse him.

He confessed he was nervous to take his chance.

But he did.

Dreams do come true. But, not without taking your best shot. Small, quiet, slower than most – he had something he deeply wanted.

How long did the interlude last?

Well, he is private about that.

She looks happy too, no?

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