The Modern Revolutionary: Adele Wang

1. Tell us a little about what you are trying to accomplish in the world. I am a storyteller and truth-teller. In our fast-paced modern world, people are yearning to reconnect to the energy, music and story of their spirit. I help people discover this part of themselves so they can be fully expressed and live their purpose in the world. When people are on purpose with their lives, stress and anxiety drop dramatically, and everything is much more fulfilling. Without it, stress remains high. I am trying to create a world where people are more naturally who they were before someone told them something else.

2. Tell us how you make people feel more connected and nourished. I lead people through experiences that enable them to get excited about being on planet Earth again, especially when everything has felt flat, meaningless and disconnected. Some of what I teach are specific embodiment and spiritual practices that work great for interviews, others are stories I like to share because people love stories for feeling connected and nourished. Sometimes I do intuitive readings on the air, if it is useful for the program. People are yearning to get out of the craziness of our modern life but they don’t always know what it is they are looking for. I help them find that so their lives can truly bloom with color, purpose and passion.

4. Where can people find out more about you. See all my social links here: